I can't seem to stick to one thing, can I?

Well, this is my third claim to fame.

I won't abandon the others, I just got more ideas.

This will have little pictures unless someone wishes to be an artist for me.

So, basically, a whole bunch of fandom characters will be forced into playing games they don't want to. Truth or dare, would you rather, kiss marry kill, never have I ever, mafia... more will be added over time, so if you want any of the characters to do something, go onto my suggestion page, and remember to tell me which adventure you are suggesting for. Due to obvious reasons, any truth or dares for the homestucks will be moved onto the other adventure, unless I can think of more than one way they would react. Which is very likely.

So far, the list of fandoms in this is;
Homestuck (obviously)
Harry Potter
Percy Jackson
Heroes of Olympus
Hunger Games
Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Skulduggery Pleasant
My Little Pony
Maximum Ride
Gravity Falls

More will be added, once I get up to date with everything in that fandom. At the moment, I'm working on;

Trials of Apollo
Total Drama

Not Adding:

Doctor Who
Sam & Cat
Maze runner

This page will be edited constantly, so just suggest games, fandoms for me to get addicted to, and aspects of the current list of games you wish to help torture the characters with, aka, truths, dares, would you rathers, and so on and so forth. The temporary games will only last one round unless someone suggests it again.

Why haven't you people stopped me yet?

I should not be allowed on this site.