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Your name is...

Panel #1
Your name is NOOTJA.

On this fine night, you were given birth. You’re not one for wriggling days, so you normally just spend it by roaming around the house and possibly, if you feel like it, tidying up.

Guess an introduction is at hand here, huh?

Your name is NOOTJA ERFFET and you are staring out the window as you recall everything that happened this year. Today happens to be your birthday, or at least, your blood and down. You have a different measurement of time than the bloods above you, you don't understand the concept of sweeps at all. Being a TEAL and a MIDBLOOD, you find yourself lacking in the violent impulse department. You can't tell if that's a good thing. You do find yourself making postcards that you'll never send. They clutter against the windows and block out all the light. You are VERY QUIET and you only have one friend. In this world, there is much to be afraid, much to be bitter about. On occasions, you do leave the hive.

Your hobbies include DRAWING, and WRITING. You find these things to be calming but also irritating. There are some other stuff you want to learn to do. But, you’ll save that for another day. You trolltag is depressingVaporwave.