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Neither, Interests first. ==>

Interests? Okay then, you have a great fascination with FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS--and gaming in general--but you also enjoy the previously mentioned MINECRAFT, as well as just pixilated games; including RETRO GAMES. Besides gaming, you also like to DRAW things, mostly just doodles but you think they turn out okay. You are known for FINISHING OTHER PEOPLE’S SOFT DRINKS, even when they DON’T WANT YOU TO, and you are also known to be TOO CHILL FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, which you agree with, as someone could be trying to anger you, and you honestly wouldn’t care. You also have a decent amount of FRIENDS on the internet, whom we will likely see later.
As for the game though... Well, you do remember that one of your friends had recommended some game that had just hit Steam Greenlight, Suburbs, was it?
You know that he’d know what it was called, so you decide to hit him up on the newest free chat client, PESTERCHUM.