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Panel #1
Your name is Chris. You are standing in your room on the 11th of November. This is just an ordinary day you don't even care about the date at all. Why did you even mention it, you dumbfuck?
Anyway, moving on. You stare around your room. You have a widespread variety of INTERESTS. If you annalyse your room, you can see many NERD LOOT POSTERS, DIRTY CLOTHES, and SUPER HERO ACTION FIGURES. You are into INDIE ROCK, but you don't have many CDs, you prefer to listen to music online. You also play videogames from time to time, in your PS4, currently present in another room.
You are also obsessed with CONSPIRACY THEORIES, and have a great HATRED AGAINST MODERM DAY SOCIETY.
Also, you don't have arms for some dumb reason. Seriously, how the hell can you not have arms? Go get some arms you fatass.