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Panel #1
A young man sits on a tree stump in the woods. This man, of the name SKULL CUNT, is pretty much no one important. Just some homeless blue dude in a skeleton onesie that has no where in particular to go and nothing in particular to do. Look at him...Sitting there...Being a useless member of society. Maybe instead of just sitting there like an idiot he can actually do something, what do you suggest he does?
Hello! It seems you have stumbled upon my webcomic. It'd be cool if you could help me out. You see, this comic is suggestion based, meaning it cannot continue until a new suggestion has been made. How do you submit suggestions? Why, you click the suggestion box down below of course! By clicking that, you will be sent to the official POLAROID DISCORD SERVER, here, you can submit suggestions as well as meet other fans, submit fan art and more. Thanks for reading!