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Once upon a time, there was a butterfly swan named Jimmey. He lived with his widowed Swan Mom Emma in an idyllic little forest in the middle of nowhere (Note: The forest was located next to a volcano).
One day, Emma would tell Jimmey: "I'm going out to get some food for us, you stay here. Don't go exploring in the dark corners of the forest!"
And so she set out to find some nourishment for her and her son. But Jimmey wasn't having any of this; he was quickly bored by the absolute empty nature of just standing still in a swamp all day. So he decided to flont the rules. He left no stone unturned as he looked around in the forest he'd grown up in.

But suddenly, he heard a ghastly voice.
"Eassssy now... Don't be afraid..."
Jimmey was incredibly afraid, but chose to follow the voice. A python! It was at least, like, 3 metres long! It licked its lips, and to Jimmey's horror, it was looking right at him! What could this imply!
"Greetingsssssss," it hissed. "My name is Ralhp."