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Topicstuck 2.0

Panel #1
The process of repeatedly pressing a button over and over again for the satisfaction and annoyance of an audience is a mindless and banal task, though it fulfills its purpose of frivolous "productivity". Nevertheless, it is my burden to perform, as useless as is. With the free will to accept this task, you may ponder as to why I choose to do it. And, I must nod in compliance, I'm not sure. The bliss of doing nothing? The absence of the chance of failure? I do not know. Looking upon this unprofitable stint of work, it does come to me that I should chance my ways and do something much more advantageous. Perhaps write? I always do enjoy that. Elaborating on the story we have in hand sounds like an wondrous idea to do. Come, and let's construct a story with a plot line even more deviating than currently.