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It's Time To Wake Up.


There is a small room. Stone walls, stone roof. The floor is made up of wooden slats which seem not so much to have been secured as to have been glued in place by the sheer weight of time and a worrying collection of dust. Whatever lies beyond those floorboards is concealed by the thick wedges of dust that have built up in their cracks.

In one corner of the room is a dirty straw matress, in another is a small table, and between them is a window. The window is barred by... well, iron bars, and the glass beyond them is so smudged as to make seeing outside impossible. Quite a lot of light is slipping through, though, so it is probably bright outside.

A girl wakes up in the room. She is standing right in the middle of it (How do you wake up in the middle of a room?). She is wearing BEDCLOTHES. She is carrying NOTHING. She has no items. She knows no spells.