-- deleteriousWonderings [DW] began pestering tralatitiousWristband [TW] at ??:?? --

DW: Torchwood, are you messing with Class again?
TW: What makes you think so, Doc?
DW: Don't forget, I am a Time Lord.
DW: I feel it in my guts.
DW: And don't call me "Doc".

TW: As you wish, *Doctor*. You call the shots.
TW: Anyway, we're fine here.
TW: I haven't seen her for a while.
TW: She's off somewhere.

DW: Not sure why, but I tend to believe you.
TW: Maybe because I'm telling the truth. ;)
DW: Don't play that trick on me, Torchwood. I'm still watching you two.
TW: Yeah, whatever, Doc.
TW: Oops. *Doctor

-- deleteriousWonderings[DW] ceased pestering tralatitiousWristband[TW] --