palmLiability [PL] began trolling synonymousParallel [SP]

SP: Carpus L'm strangeLy LncLIned to beLIeve you.
PL: Yes.
PL: ThereAreMeteorsFallingOntoHives,KillingThePeopleInsideoneCanAssume.
PL: Ha👏Ha👏Ha.👏

SP:Okay, weLL stay caLm and send me the LLnk to the game.
PL: I👏Already👏Did👏.👏
SP: Lt was broken.
SP: L'LL search for one too Ln the mean tLme, Sgrub, rLght?
PL: Yes👏.👏
SP: L've aLready Found Lt.
SP: "download thii2 not two diie".
SP: A top downLoad.

PL: Yes👏,👏That👏Sounds👏About👏Right👏,👏Hurry👏These👏Things👏Are👏Getting👏Closer👏And👏Bigger👏.👏

palmLiability [PL] ceased trolling synonymousParallel [SP]