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Don't Forget The Sun

Before you proceed, please take your time to read the following.

Hiya! I would just like to inform you that this is a slowburn DaveKat fancomic. I did not, I repeat, *DID NOT* come up with the plot/story. This story was written by the fantabulous Weevil0707 on Archive of Our Own (AO3). I got their permission to turn their amazing fanfiction into a fancomic, so I'm really glad about that and a huge thanks to them! :B

Oh yeah, everyone probably knows by now that I don't own Homestuck or it's characters. They belong tooooooooooooooooo...


There may also be some panels where I don't really draw them decently but I will assure you that those kinds of panels will decrease soon and will be re-drawn.
Some questions that I assume will be in the FAQ are below.

The title is Don't Forget The Sun, Karkat on A03. Here's the link, you absolutely must go check their fanfiction out! It's amaaaazinngggg!!

I... maybe?? There were a couple parts in the original where I thought a flash animation would perfectly fit in, but I'm still a NOOB with working with Flash. I'm guessing some music would go well with it, too. But I still haven't got the hang of FL Studio. Maybe I could record a piece on my keyboard?? I haven't gotten a good microphone, though.

So basically my answer here is.. most likely. But I can't guarantee this. So it's a most-likely-maybe-i-don't-know??

If you've got some other questions, feel free to PM me on MSPARP or drop a comment in my tumblr.