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Oh who might this be?

Panel #1
Your name is JAHN ENGLISH, of course it is! It’s what your parents JOHN and JAKE ENGLISH call you. You love EXPLORING with your parent’s and a GOOD PRANK OR THREE.

You live on an ISLAND with your father’s Jake and John. The island has been the only place you’ve called home since your parents FOUND YOU tucked away in some corner of the island. You’ve never known this and always thought that you had been ADOPTED by them which is far from true.

You enjoy DRAWING although you suck butt at it. You’re a MASTER PRANKSTER next to your father JOHN who can outprank you any day. When you’re not exploring or pranking you enjoy playing many types of instruments, your favorites being the PIANO, CELLO and SAXOPHONE. You also enjoy SINGING although you’ll never let anyone hear you. Recently your friend DANE has gotten you into ROLEPLAYING. You’re currently very confused by the concept, but are quickly coming to like it.