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Dickle: open Altgen

Panel #1
Dickle: yo what's gucci
Griever: did you read Jojostuck?
Cheto: shut up griever
Cheto: anyways not much, kinda bored

Dingus: bored you say >:)
Dickle: oh no
Dickle: not the evil face

Dingus: muehehehehe
Griever: I don't like where this is going
85: Welcome to the Server AsphaltApocalypse!
Asphalt: heyo
Cheto: gdi
Cheto: you again
Cheto: @makin

Makin: on it
85: Makin has banned AsphaltApocalypse from the server
Makin: so enlighten us Dingus
Makin: what is this fantastical idea you have

Dingus: glad you asked

Dickle: what is this
Griever: uh, it's a link, duh
Dickle: thanks smartass
Latulatologist: guys wanna see my diversitystuck art?
Dingus: plz no
Dingus: anything but that

Cheto: hey wait a minute
Cheto: this is an msparp link!

Dickle: :O
Griever: :O
Latulatologist: :O
85: :O
Makin: :O
Asphalt: :O
Cheto: HOW
85: Makin has banned AsphaltApocalypse from the server
Daddy: welp there he goes again
Daddy: what's with all the hubub :?

Dickle: Dingus sent us a link to that shitty roleplaying site
Dingus: hey man
Dingus: try it
Dingus: at least be ironic about it

Dickle: hmm
Latulatologist: idk about this
Dickle: Hmm
Latulatologist: isn't that site full of weird minors and shit
Latulatologist: like

Dickle: HMM
Latulatologist: I'll watch, just don't expect me to roleplay
Dickle: ok sheesh
Dickle: lets do this shit

Joe woodman: Seems interesting
Makin: yeah nice try Asphalt
85: Makin has banned Joe Woodman from the server
Makin: let's get this shit over and done with