Panel #1
OPIKUS: L(-)ng ag(-), (-)nly tr(-)lls existed. They had played the sacred game, but due y(-) their peacefulness they all failed and scarified themselves. The 12 reincarnated themselves and caused an(-)ther sessi(-)n t(-) begin. This new sessi(-)n w(-)n and created Earth A that (-)f which c(-)ntained humans. These humans caused the tr(-)lls' success t(-) seem t(-) g(-) t(-) waste. Then they used they same tactic as the first sessi(-)n t(-) start an(-)ther universe that c(-)ntained Earth B. After all (-)f the sessi(-)ns had c(-)me t(-)gether, n(-)t including the first, they all had created Earth C! Alth(-)ugh their success came with pain and the l(-)st (-)f many members (-)f the tr(-)ll sessi(-)n. And s(-) this game will repeat the cycle with the ch(-)sen players (-)f this generati(-)n. Alth(-)ugh m(-)st (-)f us will (-)nly kn(-)w (-)ur g(-)d tiers and n(-)t be th(-)se lucky f(-)ur when we c(-)me (-)ut, I am pers(-)nally h(-)n(-)red t(-) be here and represent my sch(-)(-)ling h(-)me. Thank y(-)u all s(-) very much!
ANNOUNCER: Thank you very much Ms. Leupis. Everyone please CALMLY step in line for the determination session!