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Once upon a time...

Panel #1

??: Once upon a time there was a race called "cherubs"
??: Oh not this again....
??: Males were quite hostile and malevolent, and they had cherry red blood
??: On the other hand, females were kind and motherly and they had lime blood
??: Please i've heard this story enough times!
??: It was not uncommon for a female cherub to become a planet's guardian
??: Males, howerer, really enjoyed destroying them.
??: It's said that those planets that stand near female cherubs are protected from every kind of danger
??: That's it, i am going to bed!
??: But there was an exception: a small planet with two moons shall be destroyed by an unknown force
??: So powerfull that even the female cherub couldn't stop it
??: Will our heroes save their planet? I doubt it
??: And then they lived happily after blah blah blah...
??: Sheesh fine
??: i guess you'll have to find out yourself how the story ends ; )
??: Finally.