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Panel #1
A young dude is...actually, let's just get to the point, eh?

Your name is LIJA OLMSTEAD. That's your name, because it was engraved on your stone placard on your 13th birthday!

You are fond of COMPUTERS. You love to code CRAPPY DATING SIMS, however you are NOT TOO GOOD AT IT. You like to write ROMANTIC SUBPLOTS and DEEPLY DISTURBING STORIES as well. You have a soft spot for COMIC BOOKS, and you hope to write your own one day.

You also like MOVIES, however your taste is a bit more selective than your SISTER, but that's NOT SAYING MUCH, HONESTLY. Your favorite movie is CLUE, but you also like THE GREAT OUTDOORS. So great. So pure.

You should have recieved a Beta Disk for CSBurb from your friend today. It's probably in your mailbox by now, but you should check in with your UNNAMED BUDDY to make sure.