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Karkat ENTER.

Panel #1
YOUR NAME IS KARKAT VANTAS. You’re 16 years old and you are beyond pissed off. Why? Well it’s all because it’s your BIRTHDAY of course. You hate birthdays but not as much as you hate your own. You find no need for them. They are unimportant and just a waste of time. Not to mention, it is just a reminder that you are just getting closer to the day of your demise.

Lets move on from that terrible topic. Let explore some of your INTERESTS. You have a rather huge obsession with TERRIBLE MOVIES. ROMCOMS and ROMANTIC MOVIES are your favourite, even though they are complete crap. If you were someone else, you’d be EMBARRASSED by this shitty obsession, but you being you, you are more than PROUD of it. You like to SLEEP and SKIP CLASS, not to mention that you like COMPUTERS. Although you are really bad at figuring out how to work them, since YOUR FATHER has given you a very old computer, that you believe to be from the 90s. Which is why you can’t figure out how to use a new one. Which has resulted in your hate for others who have been given newer computers than yours. Luckily, you can still create COMPUTER VIRUSES to screw up their beloved electronics. Although they might not be able to use them if they get one of your viruses, because you specialize in them.

You have a lot of FRIENDS. You aren’t really close to most of them, though. Mostly because a lot of them ANNOY you greatly but there are a few that you can stand to communicate with. Speaking of which, one of them have messaged you.

What will you do now?