Welcome to DootQuest!

Panel #1
Hi everyone! I'm Tiny, the writer of DootQuest! After several days of hype from quite a few people from Discord, I finally have the chance to release it. Despite problems such as lack of experience, being really tired, and five hours without internet JUST before getting to post it, it's finally ready! I hope you all enjoy it! But first, I want to give credit to all of the people who worked to make this happen.

speark, for all of the great art in here

chemicalMess, for helping me figure out this confusing website, along with NHN and randomCaribou for doing the same thing

and the "Fucking Massive Overseer Session" for giving me the inspiration to make the protagonist of our story

I'm so excited to finally get this started, and I hope you all enjoy what I, along with many others, have worked together to create

Panel #2