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One day kaz was walking all the street and stuff and he got jumped by spooky Slenderman. Kaz almost died but he used his kung fu naruto powers that he learned from eridan to fight off that facless man. Kaz used laser magic and shit and blew up sledderboy. Rabbit then jumped from behind the trash can. "Son of a snap crackel pop!" she cried "I spent 400 years mastering that slenderbuddy!" Kaz was so super surprised and shocked and shit. "But sqirlele, why?" he shouted. "because i needed to destroy many people, such as stomedy, eridan, eridan, and onionsan. Luckily I have a back up" she said as she teleported a super sugoi Dave Strider. Kaz was ready to attck but Dave suddenly stabbed him in the stomach and flew away looking all cool and ironic. Sqirtlee ran off in the same direction as danney tider. But what they didn't know was that moments later, Eridan came and revived Kax, and they were coming for revege.

To be continued...