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Panel #1
[IMPORTANT]: This fanadventure is NSFW and contains various themes and things that could trigger you potentially. These themes and things are but not limited to:
- Blood and Gore.
- Diseases and Trypophobia. (Don't look it up on Google Images, you're going to have nightmares)
- Body Horror, Trauma and Mutilation.
- Overall creepypasta-ness.
- Flashing images / Seizure Warning and all.

If you are not triggered by any of these things, continue on.

[NOTE]: If you are a new reader, please start reading b9t9 at the very last page here or else things won't make sense.

Also, listen very carefully to each panel. Most of the space cats do not talk verbally but it is possible to hear their thoughts through highlighting the translations on the bottom of the visual feed on each page should they not be colored.

[EDIT AS OF 11/24/2015]: Be9inthe9ame is the only canon fanadventure involving its subject, theme, characters, etc. Any variants that include any of the characters or their plot are noncanon and do not have my (AlexLAWPS) permission to be used in any fanadventure. No exceptions.