>.Psychic Chasms.<

Panel #1

Well, first of all, It's based off an album by one of my favorite song creators. Their name is Neon Indian, and I absolutely love their album title, and all of it's many song sin it!

I'd suggest you go and check it out, because I roughly based the characters off each song. Also, most of my trolls are based off the album "How To Be Human" by Glass Animals(because I love love love them as well). If you couldn't tell already, this is like one big song fic lol.

Psychic Chasms is about eight kids who play a video game named, Sburb Delta. After pre-ordering it on steam, all eight of them are decdicated to one up each other in beating the game. Little did they know, they'd have to play together.

When one of the eight kids experiments with the Delta, they find themselves contacting a band of aliens who are also playing the game.

Along their way, they will become gods, die a few times, as well as kiss said dead corpses.

Hello! Thank you so much for reading my fanadventure, I created it on the whim, because I wanted to see if I can make an actually good fanadventure.

This adventure is dedicated to my bestest friends, Emily, Brylee, Faith, Blake, William, Elijah, Jordan, Ali, Katelynn, Serenity, that other Jordan, Zavi, Autumn, and Billy. Yes, I know, it's a lot of people, but I just really really really really want them to be happy, and what other way to make a person happy, than to gift them with their very own fanadventure!

It makes me really happy to know you guys would be reading this too, and supporting this fanadventure. All these characters are based off of them, and my other clique of friends. But thank you so much, and please enjoy the adventure!

Your handy, dandy, handbook for each character! Highlighting each characters important parts.

As previously mentioned, your name is EMMA. You have a variety of INTERESTS, some of which are not patterned on your wall currently due to the LITTLE AMOUNT OF SPACE. You have a passion for writing FANFICTION ABOUT YOUR DREAMS. You also enjoy writing stories about the many KIDS SHOWS you watch. But sometimes you can stray away from your average pickings of shows to watch a GRIM AND EDGEY ANIME once in a while. You have a fondness for SCI-FI, and sometimes SUPERHEROES.

You enjoy creating COLORFUL POSTERS to gift to your friends on their birthdays. And only when your friends are online, may you be seen PLAYING VIDEO GAMES with them. Though you are an AMATEUR, it seems whenever you do play with them YOU'RE BETTER AT THEM. In the future, you wish to DIRECT YOUR OWN MOVIES, and even create MINI FILMS with your YOUNGER BROTHER.

< :Track List: >

Empathy by Crystal Castles
I Want Your Love by Chad Valley
Lights And Music by Cut Copy
It's Personal by The Radio Dept.
Terminally Chill by Neon Indian
Amor Fati by Washed Out
New Person, Same Old Mistakes by Tame Impala
Take A Slice by Glass Animals