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Panel #1
Your name is PAUL PALMER, and you are the HEIR OF LIGHT. Your hobbies include WRITING, BOXING AND HELPING YOUR FRIENDS, THOUGH YOU ARE FAIRLY DISCONTENT WITH SOME OF IT. Your friends try and remind you of HOW AWESOME YOU ARE CONSTANTLY. You adore your friends, and you are LUCKY to have them.

You live on the LAND OF WAVES AND CANDOR, and it is HELL LIVING THERE. There are two massive waves at all times, and everywhere you try and take shelter, you see what your mind says on posters. Well, what your mind says other people say. Anxiety is a bitch. Your friends make the posters nice enough, though, they tell you how amazing you are.

You are currently juggling three conversations with the MAGE OF HOPE, THE KNIGHT OF BREATH, and THE PRINCE OF SPACE. They all put their trust, confidence and faith in you in their unique ways- one will ease the pain, one will give you clarity to think, and one will tell you to never stop going. You are the HEIR OF LIGHT, and your WISDOM AND LUCK WILL PROTECT THEM.

You love your friends. They love you back. You are lucky to have them.