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Panel #1
So, you're not feeling too sure of yourself any more. You thought you'd at least be able to reach the capital before you ran out of food, but you're not even confident that you were going the right way to begin with. You could say that you're lost.

All you have with you is your side-pouch, and it's much too small to really hold anything substantial. You exhausted the last of your food probably a day or two ago, and have been trying to live off of what the forest would provide, though you don't have much experience with the wilds. The one thing you found was a patch of half-frozen mushrooms. You weren't sure if they were poisonous or not. You didn't risk it. There isn't really much to eat out here in this weather. Thank god you have a fur coat; others might not be so lucky out here. It only really started getting to you a few hours ago, when you decided to stop here and rest, though "decided" is probably a more hopeful word. At least now the snow has stopped. You're not sure you have the energy to stand.