> GINA: Examine box.

Panel #1
A Fun Way to Create a Universe! At least, that’s what the game’s box said. Gina didn’t know what the game was about, despite it being extremely hyped. Millions of kids would’ve killed to be a beta tester like she was about to be. The game, SBurb, was in beta 1.0, and the company producing the game had held a short essay contest to choose who would win and be able to play it with 3 friends of their choosing. Conveniently, Gina only had 3 friends, and she happened to win- she had known she’d find a practical application for her writing skills someday. Skipping across the soft white carpeting in her room, she plopped down at her rough birch desk, something she and her Sis had made together a while back. She pressed the little on button on her computer tower, and listened to the beast roar to life. The first thing she opened was Pesterchum, an obscure, inconvenient chat client that slowed down her computer by at least 10 frames. Apparently, Sion had left her a message.
-- conquestingCourier [CC] began pestering tittilatingCafe [TC] at 4:56 PM --
CC: hey gina
CC: happy birthday its your thirteenth 3 more til the big 1-6
CC: i just figured youd forget again and this would be a nice surprise
CC: oh youre online now
TC: hey sion!!!
TC: holy crap i completely forgot fucking
TC: wow. im good at life hehe
TC: sis and i will probably celebrate with a box of those grocery store cookies that taste really good later when shes back from work
TC: the ones that feel awesome in your mouth and have the thick frosting
TC: those are the best
TC: anyway whats up
CC: not much i got the game though
CC: elia did too, i dont know about like teddy though
TC: is she still asleep??? that night owl! ill message her when shes up and we can start the game
CC: “that night owl” youre so cheesy
TC: hey!! am not. you are!
CC: oh really like how
TC: well you do
TC: idk stuff!!!!! youre cheesier than me
TC: anyway ill talk to you later i think teddy just got online
-- tittilatingCafe [TC] ceased being pestered by conquestingCourier [CC] at 5:06 PM --

-- tittilatingCafe [TC] began pestering ablatingCitizen [AC] at 5:06 PM --
TC: hey teddy!! do you have your copy yet
AC: Hey. No, not yet, my pop usually brings in the mail. Happy birthday, by the way.
[color=#D4AD3B]TC: thanks sleepy!

AC: Just because I’m not super picky about my sleep schedule like you doesn’t mean you get to call me sleepy.
TC: hehehe
TC: anyways get that game!!! we’re all almost ready.
AC: I will. I’ll message you when I have it.
-- tittilatingCafe [TC] ceased pestering ablatingCitizen [AC] at 5:09 PM --