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Hello! Thank you for clicking on my adventure. I'm about to go on a bit of a spiel, but please stick with me! I apologize for how disorganized this is about to be:

I, like many others, was left unsatisfied by Homestuck's ending. It is my personal believe that it was ended quickly, haphazardly, and honestly shittily. I have so many questions!
So I began thinking, where did it all go wrong? Was there one thing that could have happened to make it all better? Or was it a series of unfortunate events?
I pinned it to one exact page: 007920. It is the final page of Karkat speaking to Terezi after we discover she is no longer blind. At the end of this dialoglog, she is about to talk about how she is scared of seeing Vriska again. But, before anything useful can be said or resolved, the crabmunicator clips onto her toe, ending the dialoglog preemptively. This got me thinking; 'How much would have changed had that dialoglog been fulfilled?' Without spoiling my plans too much, I believe she would have stopped avoiding dead!Vriska.
And really, the more I thought about possibly creating a fan adventure exploring this possibility, the more I sought after. The more I researched and planned, the more loose ends I found needed resolving. These are all things to be seen in my 'Ultimate Ending'.
I am also a slut for canonivity. My goal is to make this as close as it could possibly be to canon, despite being completely different. That being said, I did not invent these characters, so I cannot portray them 100% perfectly. I can only try. Lots of pages are going to be edits of existing pages (to keep it looking canon, and to save on time). However, as you can see with my 2 minute self portrait above, I can kind of manage to draw Homestuck style. Also, [S] pages are likely to be videos, not Flash animations (I don't own Flash nor do I have the time to find it and learn how to use it). Anything that my 'Ultimate Ending' doesn't change will simply be reposted, rather than redirecting you to MSPA and telling you to come back.

With all of that being said, I will wrap this up. This adventure is starting on page 007920, with the dialoglog being finished off rather than stupidly cut off.