Go Get a Roomie!

Enter names.

Egad! You've been found out! Your torrid love affair has been unearthed by two of your BEST FRIENDS, MAYA CAPULET and SAMMY COPPER!

You are now SAMMY COPPER, the girl with the LONG BLOND HAIR and a RATHER ATTRACTIVE BODY. You have a variety of INTERESTS. You are an avid SURFER and BEACH COMBER. You enjoy finding PRETTY SEASHELLS and SEASIDE GEMS, which you later APPRAISE. You do this because someday you want to become a GEOLOGIST, or if possible, a MARINE GEOLOGIST. You also have a very prominent interest in BOYS, especially CUTE ones. You frequently talk on and on about them, much to the dismay of everyone around you. Your online handle is surfingSifter and u like, end every sentence with a question mark? even if its like, not a question?.

You are also simultaneously MAYA CAPULET, the girl with the LONG BLACK HAIR and SHORT STATURE. Your name is actually KAPURETTO MAIA, but you reverse the order and pronounce it PROPERLY to spite your NATIONALITY. You too have a variety of interests. You are interested in staying as far away from your own ORIENTAL ORIGINS as possible. You strongly dislike EASTERN CARTOONS and COMICS because you find them to be stupid and a waste of time. You find much more entertainment in CARTOGRAPHY, and are quite an astonishing MAPMAKER for your age. Your NAVIGATION SKILLS are superb and you rarely ever get lost, especially while you have your TRUSTY COMPASS. Your online handle is waywardPathfinder and you arE up-aNd-doWN obSESSEd With dirEctioNS.

Now that you've interrupted your poor friend's MOMENT, what will you do?