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Sammy: Start making moves on kristina's tree.

wP: NicE to SEE you'rE playiNg thE fiEld, kriStiNa.
sS: cant say i like, care for ur taste in men?
dR: I... I was onlye thanking the nice tree fore showing me the prettye scenereye!
sS: well, he does look like a good time? hes kinda cute too?
sS: do u think he has like, an older brother you can introduce me to?
dR: ...
wP: jEEz Sam you'vE rEally loWErEd your StaNdardS. maybE i Should lEt you mEEt SomE of my tablES aNd chairS.
wP: i kNoW SomE NicE NightStaNdS that'd bE glad to mEEt you aS WEll.
sS: omg only kidding around maya?
sS: im like, super happy for kris and her hot tree stud? im tottaly jealous?
dR: Noooooooooe its not like that!!!
dR: Bleehhh, whatevere, its nice to see youe girls! What's the occasion?
wP: my SiS got hEr haNdS oN thiS NEW gamE aNd ShE aSkEd if you WaNtEd to play it With uS.
wP: i doN't uSually likE thiS kiNd of thiNg but thiS gamE lookS doWNright amaziNg, you gotta try it.
wP: you doNt EvEN gotta buy a laptop, SiS SayS ShE'll lEt you uSE oNE of hErS.
dR: Hmmmmmmm...
dR: That soundse verye tempting!
sS: i dont know how ur sis manages to rope me into all this nerd stuff?
sS: she should come beach combing or swimming with me or like, find a guy?
dR: I don't thinke she's a nerde, she's juste reallye smarte with technologye and stuff!
wP: Nah NErd prEtty much dEScribES hEr, Straight up.
dR: Okaye, I guesse I will joine you guys! Whene are we doing this?
sS: just pestered hery? shell be over asap?
dR: Hurraye!!!!!!
wP: So.
wP: What do WE do uNtil thEN?
dR: ... Pot!!!
sS: pot?!
wP: Why did i EvEN aSk?