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Bloody Sunset.

Panel #1
Welcome! you just found this fan adventure, before you get deep into it i must give some fair notes:

NOTE 1: The Jojo shit is just there for fun.

NOTE 2: This story will be handmade traditional because of the obvious lack of a graphic tablet ALTHOUGH sometimes i may use photoshop on the drawings depending on my mood xd (edit: Finally digital drawing evolution, but the handmade drawings will stay the same.)

NOTE 3: The main purpose of this fan adventure is... to explain some realities, facts and situations of this fandom, from a certain point of view.

NOTE 4: Regarding to the credits, i may list them on the fan adventure's tumblr blog: in the tumblr blog you can leave questions, suggestions and even advice. (important)

NOTE 5: Yo estoy aprendiendo a hablar ingles, por cierto #HAILSDLG prros >:v

NOTE 6: Characters who died in game will appear still.

NOTE 7 (top 7): Thanks for reading!