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Be the troll writing in her diary, Diary Entry #1

Panel #1
You are now the troll writing in her diary. What is your name?
TOKEMI SIBYYL. You are a seadweller, if that couldn't be told from your obvious fins. You are also a violetblood, the second highest caste. You enjoy WRITING and TELLING STUPID JOKES. You only break out the fish puns when you're really upset. You have a weird way of speaking to. You only capitalize the last letter of every sentence. so it looks like thiS. You are currently planning what you will say in today's journal entry.
Panel #2
tokemi sibyyL. that's my name, and my life is complete and total whacK. it's a long storY. and this is how it beginS.
That sounds kinda stupid, but well who are we to judge?