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Panel #1
What are you looking so sullen about? The art style you're being drawn in? Fuck you, it's great.


Your name is ALEX BLAIRE. You have a number of INTERESTS, such as PLAYING THE PIANO, COSPLAY, and WATCHING ANIME. You realize that these interests could have you labeled as an EDGY WEEABOO, and you also understand that that is probably WHAT YOU ACTUALLY ARE. You consider yourself a bit of a HIPSTER. You also are VERY, VERY DEFINITELY A LESBIAN. More importantly, today, the 15TH OF MARCH, is your BIRTHDAY. But you are MORE EXCITED about the fact that yesterday, the 14TH OF MARCH, was the scheduled full release of the much-anticipated videogame SBURB.

Come on. Look more excited than that.

You pre-ordered a copy of SBURB out of PURE UNADULTERATED ANTICIPATION, which means your copy COULD BE IN THE MAILBOX ALREADY. Several of your FRIENDS have also bought the game, which means YOU WILL BE ABLE TO PLAY WITH THEM. What will you do?