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A blissful afternoon in the realm of the spirits. Spirits? Why, yes. It does say phantom in the title, does it not? Now, let me explain.

Spirits are the creatures that inhabit this realm we speak of, creatures who lurk in the shadows of your everyday life. They inhabit objects, make weather, and cause death all through one element:

Magic is the life influence for every creature in the spiritual realm. Spirits produce this within their body, which is what allows for them to have...

Okay, I need to stop doing that.

But nontheless, each spirit is assigned a type and something to control. There are only three types, Youkai, Angel, and Demon, but there are an unlimited amount of things to control! Everything from death to existance can be assigned, although some are less fortunate than others when being assigned these.

There is also a ranking system from A-Z, with A being the lowest and Z being the highest. If you surpass rank Z? Well...

Yeah, okay, I'm SERIOUSLY going to stop now.

But today we focus on one spirit in particular. The Youkai of Knowledge, or George.