Panel #1
-- timaeusTestified [TT] began bothering gutsyGumshoe [GG] --
TT: So, Crocker, what kind of insane loot did you rake in today?
GG: I got an Arrested Development poster! It’s so lovely.
TT: Mr. Fünke, I presume?
GG: You presume correctly! Oh, Tobias… Could any comedian in the renowned pantheon of mustached funnymen possibly top your excellence? Methinks not!
GG: …How did you know, though?

TT: Jake told me.
GG: In cahoots behind my back the whole time! The nerve!
TT: I mean, even if he hadn’t told me, it wouldn’t have been that hard to decipher, given your… tastes, and his.
GG: …
GG: That’s fair.
GG: Well, I can’t blame you. I am a sucker for surprises after all, and your cahoots were good-natured!

TT: Indeed, it’s not everyday that a girl of your ilk turns 14.
GG: Ha-ha. Very funny.
TT: …What?
GG: I’m SIXteen, mister.
TT: Uh, no offense, Jane, but I think you might have a screw or two loose.
GG: No?? It’s my sixteenth birthday!
GG: …Wait, what?
GG: This…
GG: This has happened before, hasn’t it?

TT: You’ve lost me.
GG: We’ve had this conversation before.
GG: Consarn it, we’re in a dream bubble.

TT: Is this another one of your pranks?
GG: No, Dirk, this is real.
GG: We’re not 14. We’re 16.
GG: And the fact that we’re having this conversation again means we’re either dead or dreaming.

TT: I’m still not following.
GG: Come on, Dirk, we’ve done this song and dance before. Snap out of it!
GG: Here, give me a second.
GG: I’m coming into your room.

TT: What the fuck?