(Note: The nouns that are introduced are bold-highlighted, just so you know.)

Way down in the Interdimension, the place that links all the dimensions together, there is a statue, crafted by and of a man, known as Lord Zakuros, leader of the Interdimensional creatures known as Lunzels.

The Lunzels resemble humans who have elven ears on the sides of their heads, bunny ears on top of their heads, cat tails, and cat paws for hands and feet. The male Lunzels wear robes, while the female Lunzels wear muumuus. How Lunzels communicate when they are in a dimension is by a code similar to what the human dimension calls Morse Code, only the dots and dashes are replaced by pluses and colons. That code is called the Lunzel Code.

+++ ::: +++

The Lunzels are also well known for art, literature, music (especially acoustic music), cooking (They can even cook a delicious steak and salmon dish), and also programming (They know many programming languages, such as ^cake, ~ath, Alig8r, and Lua). Lunzels even have magical powers that have good effects on friendly creatures (Such as humans, animals, elves, and gnomes), but Lunzel magic can also have bad effects on evil creatures (Such as demons, shadows, zombies, and nightmares).

One day, the Lunzels witness a strange happening, which I, the Narrator, will tell you about. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy my story.