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Panel #1

Are you ready Dave? You're sure to be a huge contribution to the scientific community. Just imagine all of the help you're going to give science, without even realizing it. You could very much, make history, Mr. Strider. So I will ask, Are you prepared for your examination?

TG: What the fuck do you mean, "examination?"
TG: You are going to rip me apart or give me wings or some shit. Why the hell would I be ready for this, much less, excited?!

??: Now, now, Mr. Strider. Don't put up a fuss. We won't hurt you... much.
TG: *flips ?? the finger*
??: Oh, cut it out Dave! You are being ridiculous!
TG: Oh, says the one who rips apart, kills, mutates and crossbreeds innocent children.
??: It's all for the name of science! The... accidents... are not our fault
TG: Hahahaha! That is the worst lie I've ever heard! You know that they're your fault. You're just to proud to admit it!
??: ...
??: Dave, let's get you examined now.
TG: Yeah, like that's going to happen.
??: Don't be so against it,,Dave! You'll understand soon enough. C'mon, it'll be ironic!
TG: What do you know about irony, you labcoat douchebag?
??: Dave, if you continue to resist, I'll have to call in HB. I'd rather not do that.
TG: Go ahead, whitecoat. Experiment on innocent children. See how it makes you feel. Because the name of science is SO much more important than the future generation of mankind.
??: I'll be honest with you, Dave. I don't enjoy what I do, I don't enjoy watching people get tested and turned inside out like rats. But I know it's for the betterment of science!
TG: Yes, because killing innocent people will totally make science better than it already is.
TG: Don't you get it? You're only making it worse!

??: *sighs* You'll never understand. Now let's get you to your examination.
TG: I'll do it. Just to make you feel twice as much hell in your heart as you animals give us physically. You're going to feel guilt. Do you even know what that is? None of you seem to act like it.
??: I already feel guilty, being a part of this whole thing. We all do, really, but mankind will benefit from this! It's in the name of science!
TG: You talk about science like it'll make it all better. Like its some sort of medicine, some sort of cure. But here's the thing- you're the one who brought on the disease. It's all everyone seems to care about in this madhouse. Science, science and more science. And anyways, with all of the subjects dying, there will be no more mankind!
??: *purses lips, knowing he was right* *turns away to face away from Dave* HB! I NEED YOU IN HERE IMMEDIATELY!
TG: *sighs* send a sign to me when you rot in hell, kay?
??: *leaves briskly, trying not to cry, yet feeling a tear stream down her right cheek.*