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On a moonlit night
in a back alley on the south side,
there was a crime...

Around 2 A.M., a werewolf was murdered.
Once a respected member of the community, now the victim of what many are calling a hate crime.
But what's the truth here?
Panel #2
Here's what we know: the victim was found in lupine state at 1:52. Apparently was not killed long before.
Blood from Louis' slit throat was smeared along the wall and, in less orderly but no less controlled fashion,
on the dumpster next to his corpse and the wall on the other side.

Anybody know what these shapes mean?
You can only call the one by his head a question mark.

Poor Louie...though you didn't know him.

There's no apparent trace evidence and no DNA, so the way you see it the crime has got to be magic.
But you're wracking your brain over who could be the culprit...