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Panel #1
A young girl stands still in the quiet of her room, silhouetted by shadow and absorbed in her thoughts as she contemplates the important day ahead of her. Pale morning light begins to seep through past her windowpane. She blinks, shaking herself out of her disheartened, bleary eyed reverie as weak rays of sun slowly infiltrate the comfortable darkness of that still unfamiliar space. Letting out an exaggerated sigh of resignation, the girl decides it's finally time to get moving. Her ever industrious Aunt had tasked her the other day with unpacking all of their things, and if she was going to be honest she was probably going to be spending a good part of this afternoon arranging and rearranging said things until everything appeared at least acceptable for habitation. The new place was in serious need of redecorating, no doubt about that. The walls weren't even painted, for God's sakes! She guesses that she should probably turn the lights on first, if she wants to more accurately access the current situation.