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Meet the Dieds

Panel #1
Your name is DANIELLE DIED. No, that is not actually your real name, but instead an alias you prefer to go by. The pessimistic last name was not very necessary, but you took a liking for it due to it's edgy tone. Note 'took'. Now it bothers you, since people use it for their own comedical pleasures in forms of various puns. Look, you don't know why you died, you probably just felt like it.
As of now, it is AUGUST. You are not sure which specific day, since it looks like your calendar mainly consists of just squares with no complimentary numbers. School is yet to arrive, but it is certainly something you will be sucked into very soon.
You are not looking forward to it, since that means you will be forced to make new FRIENDS, and possibly some ENEMIES. Absolutely thrilling! You suppose it is worthy to note that sarcasm will make common appearances in your speech, since that's just what you do.