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Panel #1
A recently cloned Prospitian stands in a dank cellar. It so happens that today, the 1st of Wargust, is the beginning of this Carapace's military formation. Well, that wording makes it sound like a coincidence, but the 1st of Wargust is officially designated as the day the Heroes enter the Incipisphere and the conflict with Derse escalates. So really, nothing surprising here. Wait, where were we ?
Oh right, the name. You would take a guess at what his name was, but as it turns out you don't have a choice in the matter. His drill officer bestowed upon him the unimpressive title of Unassuming Footslogger after seeing his initial performance in the training room. He's alone with the sergeant taking extra hours to perfect his diagonal spear-shove. He hasn't even had time to go get the new uniforms yet. Disgraceful.

What will he do now ?

(While you dilly and dally, the Drill Sergeant helpfully reminds you that he'll shove that training spear in the most uncomfortable places of your anatomy unless you skewer that Dersite sumbitch.)