-- ADVENTURES 720 --

Panel #1
After hours of navigating the temple, you finally reach THE SHRINE OF THE DENIZEN. DUST fills the air, and a MUSTY AROMA creeps up your nostrils. It's too dark to see clearly, but you can make out a PROTRUDING SILHOUETTE in the center of the chamber. You slog forwards, only to bump up against the TOWERING BEAST! What you expected to be coarse and coriaceous actually has the feel of...polyester? The creature bellows at you in a grating shrill. It blathers on for what feels like hours. It's a miracle that you can even understand him. He seems to be presenting you with a riddle.

"I'm thinking of a number between 450 and 850."

"The higher this number is, the better chance I have at saving a lot of money."

Clearly this is a crucial matter.

"Do you know what number it is?"

You were never good with riddles. You speak up, stammering. "Um...62?"

"It happens to be 720, which is my free credit score."

It looks like he was never really looking for a response. He's just rambling on and on with no signs of stopping. You can't help but feel as if this nonsense will be important somehow. As you continue listening to his spiel, his true intentions become clear. This must be it....

Bowman is offering you The Choice.

"This number also happens to be between my buttocks. Won't you reach in and grab it for me?"

You know what you must do.