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Mary: Pester Luke.

Lord almighty do I hate writing up plot.
This is what I call my break, too.
What kind of life is this that I'm living?
Not a very exciting one, I'll tell you that.

-- tourneyingTruant [TT] began pestering tachytelicGaucherie [TG] --

TT: hows macking on emma going
TT: real fun im betting
TT: oh emma sweet dear let me press thy tenderest of kisses unto your clammy lips, fresh with the stale tint of death. oh my, catch me, i cannot contain my pure adoration for gently passing and mixing our different saliva together and must swoon to let out my love and passion for such sport i so joyously talk of. it is omnipresent in my universe, as it always is, was, and will be.
TT: ...
TT: jesus youre not STILL at it are you
TT: or maybe now its more of a sloppy seconds kinda thing
TT: the taste of her lips was too much for you so now youre addicted
TT: i hope youre gettin consent messages from her dreamself in some way or shits going down yhear??
TT: no one macks on emmsyboo without permission from me
TT: wait what
TT: lmao i mean from her
TT: best freudian slip of the century right here im telling you

TG: Freudian slip or a whisper of the heart's true desires?

TT: looks like mr smut-ual-mack-out-champ is back from his latest dish he just devoured
TT: a young girl who once had hopes and desires to do something awesome with her lips
TT: maybe kiss some better kissers hm?

TG: You're really not helping your case on the current and ongoing trial of "It was just a Freudian slip."
TG: It sounds to me as if you're jealous of me kissing our dear friend, which, put into the context of your previous ministrations that were somewhat bitter, gives the overall conclusion that you have taken a liking to her.
TG: Now let's clear a few potential friendship-splitting points of debate and argument right now to avoid said disagreements.
TG: I will not judge you for engaging in gentle face-on-face sucking motions with another girl, although I may tease you a tad if I accidentally walk in on any more intimate scenes such as shoulder caressing or as an extreme example, barely-platonic lap-mounting.
TG: Next of all; I'm in no position to judge, so feel free to toss all your coins in the well for a helpful ear to be used at any point you experience emotional turbulence that you can't handle.
TG: And finally, don't worry about me asking for censor-worthy things such as "Yuri Pics". I have little to no interest in the subject matter - it serves me no increased endorphin secretion no matter how perverse, and although I can't speak for the future, when my body and mind will be alight with the pleasant tingle of unsatisfied rogue teenage desires, I can at least ensure that this current form of mine has no interest in your lesbian love-making schemes.

TT: ...

TG: ...Mary?

taurneyingTruant [TT] blocked tachytelicGaucherie [TG]
TG: Well that was rude.