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Today is June 6th, 2016. Today is the very awesome super duper wow wow amazing day, that it's this... Uh... Actually, I don't know who this is.

WHATEVER! Let's just call him "Windows". Pretty suiting, right? I assume yes.

You are some type of OPERATING SYSTEM(?) that lives in your own APARTMENT. You have friends that you usually talk with on SKYPE, and they're pretty good friends. You also have DISCORD installed on your LAPTOP, so you met some more people there. Heck, you even met carykh. But today's not just THAT. Today is the day this operating system is now 327 days old. Yes, it's young, but the actual WINDOWS had a long, and sorta rough time going trough the computer war against APPLE. Hopefully, this doesn't happen here.

You are a big fan of making games, creating animations, pixel art, and you also have a scratch account. You're really excited for this day, as even that, there's a copy of the SBURB, which is now out of beta, and now just some game you can find at Walmart. And today's the day you get the copy in your mail. There's even more stuff I would talk about, but we gotta move on.