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Paradox War

Panel #1
DA's DeviantArt Account
Hello, and welcome to Paradox War, where the Homestuck characters we know and love (well, some of them some of the time) get to meet some new people and save Paradox Space from total annihilation.


This is my attempt at writing a fanventure, and holy god has it been a long time in coming. Here's hoping that the art gets better as the story progresses (as a side note: yes, I am aware the images don't work and I'm trying to figure that out; help would be appreciated. You can view them on my DeviantArt account in the meantime).
Updates will occur both here on MSPFA and on my DeviantArt page; for now, MSPFA is being used exclusively to show the character's text colors, since DevArt doesn't let you do that. Hopefully it will eventually branch out into MSPA Forums as well.