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This FanAdventure contaibns these dope-ass flashing lights in it.

If you like staring at the screen to watch the prittey colours, then by all means fondly regard life in all it's beutifulness, in whatever twisted, warped way that you judge this comic as "beaufitul" at all.

But if you are prone to seizures when lights flash at 24fps in your eyes, constantly, in multiple consecutive pages, We's suggest this comic is prolbaly not for you.

We dont want to be held responsible for you getting apolepxy, so maybe go read something more pleasing to the eye, like TimeCube, or Game Game Game And Again Game.

If an eye-burning sensation is what you're thrilling for, THIS COMIC IS FOR YOU!

If you get disorientated to the point of mental-shutdown by Caustic Light Burns...