==>Flamma Strider, Examine yourself.

Panel #1
Your name is FLAMMA DRIFTER. You and the rest of DERSE are FORCED to use TROLLIAN due to there not being a chat application for DEMONS. You all refuse to stoop to the levels of MERE MORTALS. Your troll tag is PANDORALILITU, and like pandora in the night, you will unleash evil onto this world, ONE DAY! It has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with your mild fascination with AVATAR.
You are a DEMON. You live IN YOUR CLANS abandoned mansion ALONE except for your FAMILIAR LIL'CAW. Your estate is in the city of DERSE a purple haven far away from the two places you HATE MOST IN THE WORLD. You do not care to mention these two places at the moment, you believe it would be a better idea to EXAMINE YOURSELF first. You are wearing a shirt, with the head of a CROW on it, signifying the fact that you are PART CROW DEMON, the OTHER PART is that of a CAT DEMON. A pair of pants, and shoes. Your signature style however is mainly your KILLER HAIR, it is BIG, it is SPIKY, it is red and pink and TOTALLY WICKED. You own a pair of SHADES rumored to have once belonged to A VAMPIRE WHO REALLY LIKED PURPLE. You also like purple. perhaps that is why you enjoy Derse so much. Most important in your wardrobe is your PINK SCARF. You have always had this scarf since you were an infant, it was given to you by your DEAD MOTHER. your mother, a cat demon, named SERINE GRIMOIRE, was murdered by DEMON HUNTERS. she never removed her PINK SCARF and neither will you EVEN IF IT KILLS YOU. You choose to not think about that right now and wait for your loyal familiar, best bro and pet LIL'CAW to locate you as you LOVINGLY observe your collection of strange objects of MYTHICAL DEMONIC ORIGIN. Before that you decide to TROLL your COUSIN.