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-- perceptibleIntelligence [PI] began pestering emulatingQuarterback [EQ] --
PI: Hey, dude. Sorry for not being on sooner, my mom forced me to bring Ike out to play.
PI: Happy birthday, by the way. Did you get my present?

EQ: Thanks, kyle! Also, present? You didn't send me a present. Or, i just didn't get it.
PI: Well, my mom gave it to your mom to give to you.
EQ: Oh. That explains it. My mom's not here right now.
PI: Aw, really? Dammit, I was hoping to see your reaction.
EQ: You can't see my reaction, kyle. We're typing!
PI: But you do type your emotions out via text, which you then send to me, so technically yes, I am seeing your reaction, Stan.
EQ: You got me.
EQ: Ready to play the game?

PI: Game?
EQ: Sburb, remember? We were supposed to play earlier with cartman and kenny, but cartman accidentally threw his out and kenny threw it into a fire. By accident.
PI: Oh, I forgot about that. I hope we do get to play SBURB, I've been thinking about it for so long! Except for today, where only your birthday was present in my mind.
EQ: Wow, thank you, kyle. You really are a good best friend.
PI: Aw, Stan, you don't have to compliment me! Just you being my best friend is enough.
PI: Well, I'm going to check up on Cartman and Kenny with the game.

EQ: Want me to help? I kind of don't want you stirring something up with cartman.
PI: Yeah, you're right. You can help, too.