Panel #1
Your name is ESTRYS VAISHA.

You are a master of REDROM GAMES. That's pretty much everything there is to say about you, you're also fond of MUSIC and FLOWER CROWNS. Flower crowns are quite a good symbol of "PURITY" for you, a simple way to hide the fact that you don't have an ounce of purity. But you don't really care that much anyway.

Your LUSUS disappeared when you were a young troll, this is why your HIVE is such a MESS. Or maybe that's just an excuse for being lazy. Or just a sign of your last RedRom game lying near your CONCUPISCIENT PLATFORM.

You really enjoy these RedRom Games, even though, no trolls ever had the courage to maintain a red romance with you, for some OBSCURE REASONS you prefer not to talk about. Still, this allows you not to be deadly bored, alone in your room.

Today is just like every other boring days.

Your trolltag is fancyBitch and you speak with a fuck t0n 0f w0rds and em0j1s that can h1ghly tr1ggers pe0ple ԅ(≖﹃≖ԅ).

What will you do?