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Cade: Install SBURB Client.

Oh yeah. You are totally ready to start playing this awesome game with all your friends. Surely this game will be cool, since it's supposed to be the Game of The Year.
Panel #2
What the fuck is this.

ME: What am I looking at here.
ME: Surely this DOS-era prompt is not the extent of the high-toted Game of The Year.

TH: chill out
TH: im installing the server as we speak

ME: Did you look up a guide beforehand?
TH: hell no
TH: guides are for babies who poop hard in their diapers
TH: seriously though give me a minute

ME: Why didn't you do this before you pestered me?
TH: since shut up
TH: shut up is the reason why

ME: Okay. Standing by.
-- trivialHyperdrive [TH] is now an idle chum! --