Somewhere in The Void...

Panel #1
A failed session's players prepare to watch the new session begin motion.

seriousInfiltrator [SI] began pestering peculiarSupernaturalist [PS]

SI: You ready to watch this stuff unfold?
PS: i guess.
PS: you sure we'll never be able to meet them?

SI: The chances are very slim.
SI: Which is to say you really shouldn't think it a possibility at all.

PS: so all we can do now is
PS: sit back and let them take it from here?

SI: Precisely. We've done all we can.
PS: okay.
PS: i have to admit, i am a little nervous to see my post-scratch self...

SI: How so?
PS: well, i mean...
PS: what if he's a loser?

SI: I don't think you should be worrying about things like that.
PS: i'm just saying for the record
PS: if he turns out to be some science loving collectible hoarding nerd i am gonna flip my shit.

SI: They're about to start.
SI: I'll contact you again when it's necessary.

PS: okay. see ya later.

seriousInfiltrator [SI] ceased pestering peculiarSupernaturalist [PS]