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Panel #1
You are The Traveler. A multidimensional demon with a short temper.

You wear a simple garment you found on some newdead's corpse back in the day-o-sphere. You also conceal your face under a bandanna/scarf combo (it serves to hide what you've been told is a hideous face, and also looks cool in the wind). Your eyes are covered in your demi-goggles, a pair of vision enhancers that serve many different functions.
Panel #2
You are at the cusp of the remnants of what used to be your city.

You haven't left the city since the attack, fearful of what lies out past the wasteland.

You had just finished your hunt when you were bombarded and captured. Now you're held prisoner next to two unruly cave trolls. They're both far away from home and you wonder how exactly it was they got all the way out to the ruins of the demon village.
Panel #3
Standing just beyond you is your captor and newest nemesis, a reaper. You've heard of these vile skeletons before, but have yet to see one in person.

You're carrying your trusty Lexicon (a book written about the creatures of the Void, the second best underworld seller next to the Necronomicon). You have the latest installment and all of the pages are thankfully there (you don't know why you always remind yourself this, but then, there's always bound to be some shit). Sadly, you can't reach it with your bound hands- though you doubt it would serve any purpose as of late.

Beyond you is the Interfectorum, a blunderbuss with twelve rounds. It's a powerful Void-hunter and takes down anything without a pulse. Sadly, it too is unreachable as the reaper took it from your hands and set it down too far to reach. You've contemplated making a run for it, but your bound hands are an issue as well as you're pretty sure you read once a reaper can vaporize you with one foul stink-eye, so you'd best not risk it. Yet.

You are currently trying to work out a plan but are having little to no luck thinking of one with these trolls heavy breathing and whining next to you. What crimes must they have committed for this reaper to hunt them down? Or for that matter, why is this reaper even doing any arresting anyway, reapers don't uphold the law in these or any parts. Reapers reap souls, it's all they do. Perhaps this one moonlights?

You think long and hard but are stuck. This is surely an interesting pickle you've gotten into today. You ask yourself a time honored tradition:

What do?