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==> Be the Meatheaded Pillager.

Panel #1
Your name is INOTUS SIVRAL, and man, YOU'VE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE. As any troll would, you have many strange interests. You are a MASTER AT PILLAGING, even if you are PRETTY STUPID when it comes to dangerous situations, which seems to go hand-in-hand with your rather shallow heists. Due to your UNHEALTHY OBSESSION WITH THEFT, you also disguise yourself with a WHITE RABBIT HELMET, and a VOICE CHANGER, just to make sure nobody can accuse you. Your trolltag is unpredictiveAntagonist. When chatting with others, you TEND TO BE UNPREDICTIVE AND LOUD, and you aren't afraid of being blunt, either. Because of this, you don't really have many allies, but who needs them? You've got two robotic fists, and the rest of the world. What can stop you, really?