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Medium Difficulty

Katie's views do not reflect my own, or anyone else's.
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It just so happens that today is 13 April 2016, but since you're in The States, they measure everything differently, including time. It's 413 again. For the last time. You hope.

Your name is Katie. That's right, you already have a name.

You've been known as Cataract on Eagle Time for a few years now. You're not really happy with how chummy people have been getting with the "homestuck fans" as of late. A couple days ago, after the unspeakable MSPA forums page shut down, they all flocked to Eagle Time, your one and only solace from that goddam homestuck fandom.

And suddenly it's okay? They're all just letting it happen? Well, you won't.

But right now, it's a little past midnight, and the last update of Homestuck just came out. You're not tired at all, but watching it would be showing weakness... right?